Friday 10 August 2012

Alone I Rise !

Little by little,
One day at a time 
You took away all of me..

You took away
My happiness,
My smile,
My hopes,
My dreams,
My confidence,
My soul,
My secrets,
My trust,

But I’m ready again to face life
I won’t let you win
I ‘m walking slowly towards my destination
With my head held high, chin up
I may stumble sometimes
I may even fall
But I won’t give up …

I’m no more afraid to face your criticism
Your indifference
Your doubts
Your cruel laugh
Your questions 
To bring me down

I know out there more people like you is waiting to write me off
Hiding their faces in different kind of masks
Take away everything
But every time you knock me down
I’ll rise again and again …