Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 - The year of friends, family and turning points.

I was going through my facebook timeline and I found this wonderful message, which I would like to share with all of you. It says:
"Here’s to 2011:
The year where friends became strangers and strangers became friends. Where lovers became haters and haters became lovers. The year where mistakes were made and lessons were learnt.Where stories were shared and memories were created. Where people hit rock bottom and where people raised back up.
Here’s to 2011: the drama, the fights, the memories, the laughter, the tears, and the craziness.Bring on 2012!!! :)"
Today is the last day of this year. The year "2012" was good to me and I am very grateful to God for that. A big "Thank You" to God. It was a year of friends, family and new relationships. It was the year of more joy and less drama , more happiness and less tears for me. Here is the quick recap of my life in 2012: 

Jan - The month of making and breaking resolutions.
I had made two resolutions in 2012. First, resolution was to spend a portion of whatever amount I‘d saved last year in learning something. Like every year, I did not want to spend it on Make Up and Clothes. Therefore, I enrolled my name in Ashoka Motor Training School near my house to learn driving. I drove a 100 years old Maruti 800 during my training. I left my driving school after getting my learner license and that is how I broke my first resolution.

My second resolution was to quite alcohol, as I was scared of gaining alcoholic fat. 

Feb - The month of party.

Juhu Beach @ Mumbai

My room
I went to Mumbai with my uncle to appear for an Interview. However, I could not crack that interview but the overall experience was good. I always wanted to visit Mumbai –the financial capital of India since my childhood. God also granted my childhood wish to visit king khan’s place “Mannat”in Mumbai. I had also seen houses of other stars of Bollywood like Salman khan, Amitabh Bachhan, Hema Malini, Rekha etc.

In the middle of Feb , one of my best friend who had left city 2 years back came from London to stay here for  15 days. We spent most of the time with her whenever she was free. I broke my second resolution when I heard the news that she is tying the knot in 2013 with her Slovakian boyfriend. It was celebration time for us and I could not resist myself from sharing my best friend’s happiness. 

I don't remember what I did on Valentine's Day. Either I was with my friends or else I was at home.

March & April - The month of nothing.
Well , nothing worth mentioning happened in these two months. Life was boring but I am not complaining. Like Paulo Coelho has rightly said that ,"to enjoy rainbow , one must enjoy the rain first".  

May - The month of family.
My niece completed her six months and we had gathered to celebrate her "anno prashon". She had rice for the first time. Anno Prashon is done on an auspicious day when a child is 6 months old. Senior members of the family bless the child after feeding her rice. 

June - The month of matrimony.
I started looking for my Mr Right and I met my future husband in an online matrimony site on 10th June :-D

July - The month of blogging.
I had been to Puri for two days with my friends. It was my first trip with friends. I had my last wild party there and after that, I had never touched alcohol again . A piece of SHE was born on July. I got my inspiration from my boy friend to pen down my thoughts . He writes really well. While reading his blog suddenly I had decided to open my own blog. 

Aug - The month of Love.
I was falling in love with my Mr. Right. I did not know it that time. Later in this month he informed me that he would be coming to my city on Sep.

Sep - Turning point of my life.
I met my future husband for the first time on 4 Sep 2012. After 3-4 dates, we decided to tie the knot. 

Oct - The month of celebration.
My fiancĂ© and me celebrated our first durga pujo (which is the most important festival of Bengalis) together. We really had good time. 

Mr. Right busy taking pictures.

Durga Puja @ Kolkata
Nov - The month of waiting, waiting & waiting ...
I did nothing except missing and waiting for him :-D and I am still waiting for him :( :-D :-p

December - The month of happy ending.
I met my boyfriend's grandmother and other family members for the first time. Second trip with friends to Behrampore happened this month. 

On Christmas Eve @ South City Mall, Kolkata

@ South City Mall, Kolkata
I wish all of you a happy , healthy and safe 2013 !!! Good Bye to 2012 and my dear  readers ,see you next year :)