Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Nature Of Cosmic Laws

Sudden disappearance of a soul from the earth surprises us. We live in the constant fear of losing our dear ones. Everyday thousands of soul arrives on earth and thousands bid us goodbye. Many of them doesn’t even get chance to exchange words of gratitude and love to each other. It feels unfair to us and that raise the question of existence of God, HIS justice and His cosmic laws in our mind. It is beyond our capacity to understand HIS doings. HE only knows what He does and why He does so!

I have no qualification to write this article. I am still working from the human plane and far from achieving my spiritual degree whose dean is our own Beloved God.  May GOD forgive me for any wrong message or information. 

My uncle died in an accident in 2004. He was young and I was just a teenager. It was my first encounter with death of someone very near to me. More I see tears in the eyes of my mother and my grandmother and the silence of my uncle more my mind cloud with the “WHY”? I know like me, many of you is haunted with this three letter word “why” every night and day and on every special occasion or on big events in your life.

Even if you’re not a spiritual person my viewpoint might work as a balm on your “why”. When something like this happen in our life then only we understand that we’ve no control over our life. There is a supreme power that is controlling every life and remote control is in his hand. No matter how much we add zeros in our salary, acquire degrees and justify everything with science and technology at the end of the day we have to play his game and follow his rules & regulations, whether we like it or not. His cosmic law doesn’t make any sense to us. Only His lawyers understand it. 

Karma and reincarnation are two key players of this game called life. As far as my understanding goes God’s earthly laws are based on these two factors. When my ex dumped me, stupidly I used to think that karma will teach him lessons someday. I thought only negative incidents or acts create karma. However, karma is every action and inaction. We are creating karma every moment. Even negative and positive thoughts are also engulfing us in the karma game.

We are involve in this karma and incarnation until our liberation. We are rewarded for our good actions and for bad actions we are given a chance to learn the lesson to change it into good karma. When you learn it finally you’re free from it forever. Otherwise lessons will continue sometimes for many incarnations until we learn it. Meanwhile, God provide us various coachs and classes to make sure we pass the exam with flying colors. God smile like a proud parent when we succeed. We don’t work out all our karma in our present incarnation. We reincarnate many times to learn our lessons. 

So sometimes when something bad happen to us which doesn’t make any sense to us is the result of our actions in our previous incarnation and fortunately we don’t remember it. I would explain to you why it’s fortunate to not remember. 

Past incarnation is the topic that we often serve at our dinner table. It attracts both my husband and me. We do not miss any chance to approach (read irritate or nag) any person on earth who we think can talk about it. We always say that how wonderful it would be if I knew what and who I was in our past lives. Why those who can tell us what we were, doesn’t tell us about it. It would be just fun to know. But what I understood little bit by reading few books (not many) that it’s a blessing from God that we do not remember it. 

Very few people remember their past lives. They have some purpose to serve. Cosmic laws are not rigid like our constitutional laws. It’s a boon that God make us forget our past lives and we start with blank pages forgetting our past mistakes to start with in every incarnation. I am going into only one direction of karma and reincarnation in this article. It’s a huge subject. 

My human understanding says that the God’s intention behind it is to help us grow. It shows that He loves us in spite of our mistakes and wants us to love ourselves. If we remember our past mistakes we might not able to grow or come out from the guilt feeling. We might feel bad about ourselves and hate ourselves. Therefore, God delete everything from the hard disk of our mind and give us a new chance to be a better person. HE gives his unconditional and non judgmental love again and again no matter what.

And because we don’t remember our past lives and our karmas we question about His Justice when something bad happen to us. May be we had broken many hearts in our past lives therefore, in this incarnation people are breaking our hearts even when we are giving them our unconditional love. There is no scientific way to prove it but we are human. Science cannot always solve our problems. We have feelings. Only truth will set you free from all your sufferings and I hope my article set your soul free.

Our life’s string is in his hand. He will pull us back to Him when He think is the right time for us. But trust me, He is just, fair and loving. We don’t understand him and he doesn’t mind taking all blame on himself. My interpretation for sudden death of a young person from cancer or accident is this that if we take this earth as an institution of God and we are students learning the Karmic lessons. Different students have different ways of learning. God has many institutions like this in various planets. God take care of the spiritual need of his each and every student. When he think that the institution on earth is not suitable for a particular student then he sent him to another institution with different teachers on a different planet to learn his lessons. 

I have no way to prove this but I hope this might help those who are trying to come in terms with the loss of their dear ones. May God heal your soul and set you free. Amen!


  1. "We are involve in this karma and incarnation until our liberation. We are rewarded for our good actions and for bad actions we are given a chance to learn the lesson to change it into good karma. When you learn it finally you’re free from it forever."

    Well Shainee, a good incentive to start with. If you directly reveal the secret of non-attachment to either bad or good, it is likely that many would back off from the path. It is better to unveil step by step. First conquer bad habits by generating good habits. Soon, the person realizes that good habit is still a habit and he is not free and bound to do it reflexively. Then a natural urge is generated automatically to get rid of it. The plan is in congruence with St. Francis of Assisi statement: "Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly you're doing the impossible."

    Well the matter of fact is, as you know, that liberation is not about doing good actions but to come out of the vicious circle of action -- action generating another action and so on. If a throne is pierced in our leg, we took another throne to eliminate the first one out but we don't keep the second one with us. We throw both after serving the purpose. Good actions are like second throne.

    Karma is said as bondage. Karma is a cage. It doesn't matter whether it is of gold or steel. A cage is a cage. Good actions are gold cages.You are not free from doing good actions. You are not free from the cycle of cause and effect. Good actions generate good consequences. That's all. But, you have to come again and again; you have to reincarnate to avail the good consequences generated by your past actions. Freedom is transcending Karma. Liberation is freedom from the consequences of action; freedom from the cycle of cause and effect.

    When 'One' stops doing, he is liberated. Try to grab my words very carefully. My emphasis is not doing but on one who is doing. All the consequences have to face by the 'One who is doing.' Generally, it is taken otherwise in terms of doing. Doing will carry on. Action will continue but there will be no doer to take the consequences of the action. That is why Kabir said "Seeking, Seeking, O Friend! Kabir, himself, has vanished." Liberation is the abolishment of ego.

  2. Gentle honesty, thank you for the shared journey