Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Its hard to say GOOD BYE ;-(

First, my heart goes out to the parents and teachers of sandy hook school. I just cannot shake this tragic incident off from my mind. Their sorrow is haunting me every time especially when Christmas is just few days away. I would pray to God to give enough strength to those parents, so that they are able to deal with their tremendous lose. Life is so cruel. I am speechless, numb, and helpless. Mr. Obama please make amendments in US constitution regarding arms . Your own kids are in danger. We don't need your tears . We want ACTION. When will you wake up and take action? WHEN?

Rest In Peace ( Picture Source: Google Image)

Dear Children of sandy hook school,

We are extremely sorry. We could not save you. We could not make earth a better place for you to live. Sorry, we are busy killing each other. Your life is not important to us than our arms and ammunition and our political interests . 

Little angels please come back again on earth  again and we promise to save you next time. Please give us second chance. We are ashamed of ourselves. 

People from all over the world 

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I am  feeling bit  low today. So, thought I might feel better, if I just vomit my emotions here. According to me ,the toughest job on this earth is to be father or mother of girl child. I live with my parents since my birth. I have spent my 25 years with them. I am getting married next year. I will be leaving my parents house next year. Although, I love my fiancĂ©e very much and can not even imagine my life without him but the thought of  leaving my family behind is very heart breaking. It will be tough for my parents too. I don't know how they will cope with it. I am starting a new life. I will have many things to divert my mind but what will they do. I will miss my grandma , uncle and my niece. I will miss my grandfather , great grand ma and my uncle on my wedding day. Hope they shower their blessing on each one of us from heaven. Just want to say to them that we all miss you and love you a lot.  Someday we will again meet somewhere, until then keep watching us from there. 

I will miss Kolkata (City where I live). I have love-hate relationship with Kolkata. I came here in 2003 with my ma and papa and since then I am living here. Before that, I lived in many otherIndian towns and cities and studied in 4-5 different school as my father was in army. Kolkata has taught me many things. It has made me independent and matured. Therefore, it is more special to me than any other city. I feel like I know this place in and out. I can feel its pulse. I can read expressions and mind of everyone here. 

I will miss my group of friends from university. I feel blessed to have friends like them in my life. I don't have cousins . So. they are like my extended family. They always accept me the way I am. Each of them is unique in their own way. Wherever life and love takes me, I will miss them badly as I would miss my family. I would miss their PJs, nigh outs and every little thing about them.  I will miss their weirdness and awesomeness. 

My gloomy post on good byes ends here and there is something to cheer me up this weekend. I am staying at my uncle's place tomorrow with my friends. Then, On Friday, we will catch early morning train to Behrampur. Its a town, around 200 km from Kolkata . Actually my best friend's parents live there.  It is just one- day trip and we will be back on Sunday. So, I am not sure If I will get time for sight seeing. Lets see. 

I captured this cute moment today morning. My niece was trying to touch and feel our dog for the first time. The funny thing is Mr Nuku is always scared of her but somehow he didn't resist today. Watching them together just made my day :) 

My niece Gigi with our dog Nuku. 
Merry Christmas to everyone in advance !!! May Santa bring lots of happiness, joy, success and good surprises in your life. Stay blessed always !!!

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  1. Incidents like these always remind you that you should cherish everyone that you have. I am terribly shaken by the incident at the school too. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle Liew

  2. Happy journey..stay safe and have fun

  3. Good luck with everything. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

  4. It was tragic...sad to know that innocent lives were taken away for no reason whatsoever. :'(

  5. A really touching article!I hope incidents like these do not happen again!
    PS: I am your new follower.Merry Christmas Shainee.:)