Monday 21 January 2013


One of my friends insists me to write something "spicy". In his opinion, people love reading about emotional and sentimental things like love, break up and life. I have promised him to learn this flair of "spicy writing" someday. Meanwhile , I found this piece of my own writing in one of my old diary  (those days i used to write on diary on irregular basis. Later, I found "A piece of SHE..." to write the story of my life.). I had written this piece after my super idiotic break up. 

I am sure you all will agree with me that break up is very painful. You feel the pain even when you realize that you loved the wrong person or he/she never really loved you. We find it hard to accept the truth and that someone whom you loved more than anything can change completely into a different person right in front  of your eyes in seconds. Their change, indifference , insensitivity break our heart into thousand pieces. 

However, the good thing about break up is it's  ALWAYS teach us something. What I learned from it ? I may write about it next time . 

I was in so much pain when I wrote this but now when I read it , I laugh at my stupidity. I took time to grieve  but once I wiped off my tears I never ever looked back. Today , I am here and life has rewarded me with the BEST HELLO ! I am now with the BEST MAN on earth and I am so lucky to have him in my life:) If you're reading this ( Yes, I am talking to you Dibbo) Thank you so much for loving me , supporting me, understanding me, tolerating  me and for everything ! Sorry for the troubles I create for you.

I am calling it a "piece" because as you can see I had written it in a weird pattern. Its neither article nor poem. I had named it " Betrayal". 


Last night I called you
As usual, you were not happy to hear my voice
However, that “irritation” was missing from your voice surprisingly.
I could sense alcohol in your words
I felt you were afraid of confessing something that you should not
I said, “What’s wrong?”
You tried so hard to speak up
However, words failed to come out from your mouth.
It was guilt which was stopping you from speaking
At last, somehow you blurted out the bitter truth

You said, 
“I am leaving this city forever and dumping you now officially though I had dumped you long back”.
It took time to sink in what he was saying
I fell on the floor and realized that it was not any bad dream
It was actually happening
He is actually breaking his promises, just like that.
I started crying for the first time in the four years
I started mumbling lying on the floor,
What was my fault?
Where I went wrong?

So many whys and lies was hard to shake off from the mind and heart
It was the alcohol, which gave him the strength again to hit me with his reply
He told me “I do not understand life
I am not mature enough to understand this game called life.
Moreover, this is how decisions are made in life
This is what is good for both of us.
Yours and mine time is up
I am leaving this city 
I cannot be with you
Sorry, I betrayed you!
Hope someday you will forgive me…”

He disconnected the call after that 
It ended
I remained lying on the floor
Staring at the walls surrounding me
I drifted away in pain

A knock on the door reminds me of my whereabouts on earth
It was really happening
He was gone
Just like that
How could he?
The bang on the door grew louder and louder
I stood up
To see what is waiting for me at the other side of the door
With shaking hands and trembling legs
Somehow, I had opened the door
And accepted the betrayal and 
an abrupt end.

Let me know what lessons have you learned from your past relationships ? How do you get over a break up ? If you want to know how I got over it ,read Alone I Rise!.

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  1. Hmm..why does it sound familiar to me?? ah yes, we all have similar moments in life :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ditto ! Unfortunately all of us face similar situation atleast once in our life. Thanks for reading :)

  2. That's so true. Without those breakups, I wouldn't be the person that I am today and I wouldn't have learned from past relationships. And of course, I wouldn't be with the best person I could ever be with!

    1. Thanks for reading and understanding , Becky ! :)

  3. Good to here you have rise up and move on. Life is all about lessons. :)


  4. From my past relationship, I thought I learned never to get into another long distance relationship but somehow I stumbled into another one. Sometimes it takes a while to learn things ;)

    1. But this time it wont go wrong with the polish boy ;-) Thanks for reading, Pearl ! :)

  5. It's true that out from the pain we feel are beautiful life lessons. Nice post!

    Thanks for coming on my blog, I'm now following your blog too.

  6. Unfortunatley, we have to experience pain to grow. Without adversity, we don't grow our internal depth. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts...sounds like you've come out on the other side okay. :)

    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Totally agree with you Jules ! Thanks for stopping by ! :)

  7. For those who think that Breakups are spicy, they never had taste of it. I would really admit that the "piece" has touched my heart so deep. Thanks for sharing.