Wednesday 13 March 2013

Some questions forever remain unanswered in life.

A special someone came into my life
When I was left alone in this world to fight
God sent him to help me that time

He was “no one”
Neither brother nor friend
Maybe he was both
He was an angel!

He became the light in my darkest time and
He had promised, to stand by my side all the time.

My intentions were good and honest for him.
I respected him and,
I prayed for him all the time.

Life was going on …,
One winter morning I went to meet him,
He was on time but he looked tensed
And I was finding it hard to bear the suspense on his face.

He introduced me to a beautiful woman
Though she was good but I somehow I didn’t feel happy to meet her.
That woman was her wife
She was his life, and so, I was left aside.

I bade good-bye to my angel
I never ever called or met him again in my life

I do not understand why he lied to me ?
Why he didn’t tell me he is married?
Why today he cannot stand in front of me and look into my eyes?
Time would never come again to ask him, “why”?
Because I know, "some questions forever remain unanswered in life"!

- Shainee
   year : 2005/06

Image Source : Facebook

Image Source: Facebook


  1. It's nearly impossible to understand the motives and actions of others. One can only scratch one's head and move on.

  2. Aww... this is sad. I don't know how I'd react if this happened to me.

    1. Dont worry Irene this will never happen to you. Take care :)

  3. Great Writing Shainee I Love Poetry and I Love how you can really feel your emotion!:)

  4. Love the words.. Nourish them Shainee, so that in may grow in abundance inside you :)

  5. I think sometimes people do it for the attention, an ego boost. Lying somehow becomes more acceptable when you're unhappy.

    1. Yeah. May be. Thanks for reading , Vika ! :)

  6. Keep up the good work with the poetry, Shainee. You are so brave to share it with us! And I'm sure it was all for the best in the end.