Saturday 13 July 2013

Like It Just Happened Yesterday...

Last year on this day, I woke up in the morning and suddenly a thought of creating my own blog came in my mind. It was a strange decision for someone like me as I am not a writer. Writing does not come naturally to me. I take many hours to complete or write a single sentence. Then the thought of creating my blog gave way to title of my blog. I instantly fell in love with my blog name. I named it “A piece of SHE…”. SHE is all the women around the world. A piece of SHE…is presenting the thoughts of woman through her words and thus showing a different virtual side of her. Although I am the lone writer of this blog right now but hope someday, more women would join and add their pieces as well. My goal is to motivate, inspire, entertain, share stories, educate and providing voice to all the SHEs.

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After completion of naming ceremony of my blog, I thought of posting something later as I had nothing to write. But after few minutes I picked up my pen and Diary and started writing my first post “Kho na jaye yeh taare zameen par.” I edited it for several hours and somehow finally gathered courage to click on “publish” button. Then I thought that is it. “A piece of SHE…” is over. May be this was just one of those crazy things I did for killing my time. There will not be any more pieces of me here in this blogging world.

I did not share this post or blog with anyone. Two – three days later, I just shared it with the sunshine man who was just a friend then. Even today, no one knows about my blog except of course my man.

Surprisingly, I did not lose interest after publishing my first article. I remember it and even after few weeks, I kept it alive. I started feeding it with my increasing number of posts. So now you know it was not love at first for me with “A piece of SHE…”. Those days I just used to write for myself. I had zero followers for several months and I was not promoting my blog anywhere.

Promotion thing happened after publishing, “How I met my prince charming (Part1)”. I was in love with the sunshine man (still I am) and wanted to share our story with the world. For that purpose, I had joined a bloggers community site ( From there I found my first follower,”Nikki”. Nikki was the first girl who left comment on my post. Her comment gave me immense happiness. I was on cloud 9 and it gave me motivation. I started writing since then regularly.

Another turning point of “A piece of SHE…” came when it become PR (1) just within six months. I do not follow any SEO rules. I just write to tell my story to the world. Therefore, figure 1 was a sweet surprise from Google. I was not expecting any ranking before at least 2 years.

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Today “A piece of SHE…” is surrounded with 108 precious followers. Now when I look back on A piece of SHE’s journey it bring smile and hope on my face. “A piece of SHE …” and the sunshine man have taught me many things. I got my inspiration to write from “the sunshine man” who blog at come on sunshine. He is blogging since 2007. Unlike me, he CAN write.

A piece of SHE has taught me to dream and to hope.  Dream to make it big. I know it won’t happen overnight. I have to work really hard for it and it will take many years to finally reach there but I am not in hurry. The kind of satisfaction and happiness I am getting from A piece of SHE… is enough for me right now.

Lastly, I want to thank all my readers for their love, encouragement, and support. A piece of SHE… is nothing without all of you. 

A piece of SHE...

Date of Birth : 14th July 2012

First Post : Kho Na Jaye Yeh Taare Zamin Par

First Award : Liebster Award By Paty Grace Kelly

First Comment By : Nikki

Most Read Post:  P.S: I Miss You 

Celebrity Reader: Jean Sasson


  1. Congratulations on creating a blog and continuing for this long. It's hard work putting your thoughts out there in the cyber world whilst hoping others will find you and have something to say on the matter.
    I wish you every success for the future and look forward to hearing what you have to say to us all. Keep up the good work mate.

  2. Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary as a blogger. It's obvious from your enthusiasm and determination that there will be many more anniversaries to come.

  3. Congratulations, Shainee. And the very best of luck for your second year. Lovely post

  4. Aww I feel so special and warm inside seeing my name there in your post *squee* I am so happy for you!Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary on your blog and hope to see many years of awesome posts from you in the future! :D
    That reminds me...I have been away for way longer than I should...time to catch up!! :3