Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bye Bye Santa...See You Next Year !

Before turning the page on this year’s Christmas I want to write it down here. I want to lock it in my memory through words. This was our first Christmas together. I live in India and although I am not christen but I and I think every Indian eagerly wait for Christmas every year. Christmas means surprise gifts, Santa, cakes, chocolates and if possible then a small trip. 
St Antony Church

This year my Santa was my husband. On 24th he was suppose to come back in the afternoon from office but he got stuck and came in the evening around 6. In India we get holiday on 25th only. Some people are not that lucky to get even one day holiday. My husband bought chocolate for me. Although I am dieting and not allowed to even look at chocolates but he made exemption for this day. After that we spent time talking and teasing each other. We had ordered four different non veg pan pizzas from dominos for our dinner. And of course, we fought after that over a silly issue. Our celebration remains incomplete if we don’t fight with each other.

Next day I woke up and decided to forget about the fight and enjoy Christmas. I called up my parents and family members to wish them. This was my parents first Christmas without me but I was happy to know that they are celebrating with their friends. I felt relaxed to know that they are not alone. 

 I took one and the half hour to get ready. Before going out for lunch we again fought. I asked my hubby to comb my hair and he was not ready to do that. He hadn’t combed his hair once after waking up in the morning. He got angry as he felt that I am interfering too much and I was mad at him as I was not able to understand what kind of person will not comb his hair before going out? I felt frustrated because If I can change myself why cant he and what I asked him was not such a difficult thing. Moreover if something doesn’t look go
od on him then being his wife I have right to inform him about the same.

We ended our fight in the lunch table. He made me laugh even though I was mad at him. So I gave up. After lunch we went to St Antony Church. Main gate was open but by the time we reach there the church door had been closed. It was open till 11am only. We spent some time inside the campus. I think we looked more like best buddies than husband wife. We left after half an hour and headed towards a nearby shopping mall. We spent some time in a book shop and after that we came back around 4:30 pm.

Again at around 7pm we decided to visit a mall near our flat. It was a wonderful evening. We didn’t fight and walked hand in hand. We shared jokes, laugh, secrets and love. We came back around 9pm and that’s how we celebrated our Christmas. This Christmas was about two of us and I liked it that way. We are hoping to celebrate our next Christmas in the different part of the world. Lets see where love and life take us.

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