Thursday, 19 December 2013

Happiness For Me Is ....

“Are you happy”? 

We often face this question and answering this becomes more difficult when you are expected to reply in one word “Yes” or “No”. 

Image Source: Happiness

I have read many definitions on “happiness” by the famous people but then I came into conclusion that you cannot define happiness for others. Everyone has its own definition of happiness. Happiness is not just one thing. It’s a small things combined together which gives us satisfaction at the end of the day. 

One doesn’t need one year to know if they are happy or not. You can know that daily. And trust me, if you notice closely then you will find those precious happy moments in your life even if that happiness was just for an hour or may be few seconds. Sometimes in bad days those small moments can help us to uplift our mood. 

Keep your heart open to feel those happy moments. You must write down your own definition of happiness. With time your happiness will also change. That’s very natural. May be if you write it down and read it again after few years you will get to know how much you’ve changed or grown up. So for me happiness is:

When I make round rotis ( Indian Bread)

When I get a kiss and hug from my husband in the morning

When I draw perfect straight line through my eye liner on my eyelid .

When I shed away those most unwanted fats from my body. 

When I am me.

When I talk to my family and friends over phone.

When no one judge me.

When I buy something for someone and for myself ;-)

When I eat chocolate.

When I talk to someone after a long fight.

When I get "Likes" in Facebook.

When I feel blessed and loved.

When I see smile on lips.

Last but not least when I accidentally come up with a good sentence in my blog post, gain new followers and read comments from my readers. 

What's your definition of happiness ? What makes you happy ? I would love to hear from you.  

Stay happy and spread happiness all around you :)


  1. Yes we should steal the happiness from every moment of life :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Informative and helpful. Thank you again.

  3. What a lovely list. if you can find joy in such simple, everyday things, then you'll always feel happy.