Wednesday, 23 April 2014

She Lived...

I’ve promised myself to make it a habit to update my blog every day. Since last 3-4 days I am waking up at 6 am. After my husband leave for the office I get plenty of time for myself.  Let me think what I can share with you today. What if I share a story of a simple & unknown girl? Would you be interested?

One day God decided to send one of her favorite girl on earth to teach her some valuable lessons and enjoy his creation. So she arrived on earth on 26 Sep 1987 after taking approval from him. Before coming on earth she had promised HIM to fulfill his expectation for her. Soon after her arrival she cried hard for the separation from her beloved God. So God made her forget all about HIM and promised her to meet again at the end of the cycle. Her cry gave assurance to the doctor and her earthly God (her parents) that she was alive. 

When she opened her eyes for the first time she saw the happy faces of her father and mother.  Later she was introduced to her elder sister who was both happy and confused to see this new member of their family. She herself was a kid of 4 years. Some relatives were curious about the gender of the new born child. Some were happy to know that a girl is born, some of them didn’t care and some were heartbroken. But that girl knew from the beginning that there couldn’t be anything wrong about her gender because after all she is God’s creation and later her parents also confirmed that. That day her father couldn’t sleep all night as she was crying loudly. He kept walking in the hospital corridor. On the contrary, her mother slept well as her family was complete now. Even after so many years they remember that day so clearly like if it had happend yesterday. 

She was not a troublemaker when she was an infant. She used to sleep whole day and night. So her parents got enough sleep. She was not demanding when she was a child. She only cried when she was hungry. Her mother understood well even when she hadn’t learned to speak. People said "she looks exactly like her mother.” 

With the help of her parents slowly she started learning walking, talking, eating, bathing. There were times when she had fallen sick and even the minor cuts were enough reason to give her parents sleepless nights. They could feel her pain as if they themselves had fever or cut. They and her sister protected her like human beings protect their diamonds.

She started growing as a shy girl. Even though she was introvert since childhood, she was quite popular. Everyone knew her name and loved her. She loved people too. It was a child's pure non judgmental love. She had big heart then where she had included so many to love. Later unfortunately she made it a small and confined it for only person. 

She was a girl in every sense. She loved dancing. So her parents admitted her to a cultural college to fulfill her dreams. Her dreams were very important for them. She started her training in a Indian classical dance form called Bharatnatyam. She learned that for two years, after that her father got transferred in a different state called Aizawl. She had participated in dancing programs since childhood.She loved performing on stage in front of the large crowds. Dancing was the only thing that she was sure about even after becoming young girl.

She loved dressing up and make up. She was not a camera shy girl then. Her uncle used to capture her childhood in his camera. Once a reporter from a famous newspaper house wanted to use her picture in their ad which was clicked by my uncle. But he refused to give away my childhood to the world. She was special to him and her childhood was only for him to cherish.

She had this strange characteristic she couldn’t say “No” to anyone. Later when she grew up and people played with her heart she couldn’t say to them “NO”.  When finally God taught her to say “No”, people started hating her for that and accused her for changing herself for worse. 

Her father had a transferable job which she enjoyed immensely. She grew up in a defense culture. She loved it. She loved travelling and meeting new people. Defense atmosphere helped her to expand her mind and she learned to accept different things, different people and different situations. She grew up in a 5 different states of India namely Dhandbad (where she was born), Dimapur, Tepur, Aizawl, Jodhpur and finally completed a chapter in Kolkata.

To be Continued ...


  1. Am loving your childhood memoir so far. Wonderful pictures! Absolutely adorable! Do you still dance?

    1. Thank you so much :) I do not perform on stage anymore....If i get chance then i will but I still dance with my friends :)

  2. This piece of She is some what like me!! I liked the way you said, "she was a girl in every sense!" :)

    1. Awwww Thank You , Esabella :) I think a piece of she is there somewhere inside every girl :)