Thursday, 10 April 2014

Soul's Perfection !

As soon as I close my eyes,

My soul wake up in a different place

That place is surrounded with bright shapeless lights

I belong to that place

My soul has come from there on earth and

That’s where my soul will go after my body dies.

I am inside the God’s territory

Jealousy, hatred , ego , desires couldn’t touch me here

I wish to achieve the “soul's perfection" ,
When I open my eyes again on earth

To be with GOD until eternity....!!!

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P.S:  Today is my uncle’s 10th death anniversary. He died in an accident at very young age. He was a very good soul. May his soul Rest In Peace.  I know he is happy and fine wherever he is now. I know God is taking good care of him!

May God give my mother strength to deal with the memories of his little brother.

We love you and miss you so much …


  1. Sorry to hear of your uncle's premature death. It must've been a terrible shock to your mother and the rest of the family. I'm sure he must've left a lot of sweet memories behind.

  2. Well said Shainee. Jealousy, hatred, desires are pinned on ego. They cannot stand on its own. They are hanged on ego. Without ego, they become non-existent. Ego is abode for them. Ego is suffering. Ego is misery. Abolishment of ego is Liberation, Bliss, Nirvana, Moksha. Jesus said "There is no place for 'I' in my father's land. Buddha advocated non-attachment. Attachment is only possible with ego. Egolessness is the state of "Aadhara Manusha." Aadhara Manusha is the Baul version for liberation. I love your term "Soul's Perfection." It is very close to Baul's term. Your poem is simple yet deep as Baul's.

    When Jesus was crucified, he shouted at the sky "O God! What are you showing me?" He, immediately realized his mistake and the next words fell from his mouth were "You better know my welfare than me. Do whatever you deem fit for me."

    Let God take good care of your Uncle. Amen!