Thursday 29 May 2014

Harmlessness And Stupidity.

                 "Be harmless but NOT stupid." 
Sometimes we just try to be harmless to other people and ignore their mistakes and those people take advantage of our harmlessness and think they are clever than us and we are just a stupid. Silence is not golden in this case. You need to speak if not raise your voice to tell them what they already know that they did wrong . Its important or you might hate yourself for not showing enough courage to  right the wrong. They will not like you for doing this. They want your stupidity to feed their own ego. Don't give them what they want . Love and respect yourself and then only you can expect same from others. SPEAK, my dear !


1 comment:

  1. Interesting advice. A lot of times I do stay silent to spare others' feelings, but I'm well aware of the type of people you're talking about. And you're right. Sometimes you need to speak up!