Tuesday 20 May 2014

Making Of A Special Lovable Bond !

A promise that we made on our wedding

It’s been 9 months since I got married. Nine months is an enough time to love someone. A mother starts loving her baby inside its womb even without seeing or holding it. Of course, I am not comparing love between married people with the mother's love. Mother's love is irreplaceable and divine in nature. So, I am just comparing the 9 months time period :) May be its weird but that's what came into my mind while typing.

During this time when this “I” turned into “we” I don’t remember exactly. May be few small moments created the "We" we both were looking for. A moment can make or break your relationship. Rather than working on a definite time period in future or past its important to work on a present moment given to you. 

We’ve created a small beautiful world of ours here.  Our new rented house now feels like home. The home far away from home is bit different. It’s surrounded with beautiful plants and flowers. Every day in the morning many birds come to sing for us. Sometimes the sound of birds and temple bells mix with the silence which gives us the unexplainable divine feeling. 

We have chosen a different lifestyle for us. We live as simply as possible. We’ve only few things which are essential. Both of us do not watch television. So we’ve not bought television just to show people that we’ve television. People do not understand this and disturb my husband with their stupid question that why we don’t have television. They simply don’t want to understand that we don’t want to be in the rat race of buying things just to show off. Even if it looks weird to people it give us space to breath and peaceful nights. 

We’re happy in our own world. We love each other and now we’ve have understood one of the important aspect of the marriage is to expand our heart and include as many people as possible in it. We’ve also learned that differences are also a part of love. 

I know that graph of our love will not always be same. There will be ups and downs. Hope the memories we're creating now would help us in the future to deal with the hardships of life together.

Sun of our love is rising slowly and hope it always shine high in the sky of our heart !!! 



  1. The two of you have created a simple, happy life together, and it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

  2. May your love increase day by day , God bless :)

  3. How beautiful that the two of you have find such happiness together. May it go on and on...and on.