Friday, 3 July 2015

The Time of my Life By Cecelia Ahern

After finishing, “The Wild Truth” By Carine McCandless I was looking for a light hearted book. Therefore, I started reading Cecelia Ahren’s, The Time of my Life. I had loved her,  " P.S I Love You"

Let me discuss the physical aspect of the book first. I must say that it’s a pretty girly looking book. It’s that kind of book which looks good on your book shelf or on the table beside your coffee mug. Actually, I am attracted to all her book cover. Sounds weird? Yes, actually I do give that much importance to book’s cover.  That’s the first thing I notice, in a book shop. It helps me to make decision sometimes. The book cover talks about their marketing strategy and target reader. In this book their target reader is girls/women of age group 18 to 35. Also,I know that there is lots of hard work involved in it. It’s not that they randomly decide something as their book cover. And I just try to acknowledge their hard work by writing about it in lengths and breaths. The cover image of Ahern’s, “The time of my Life” is related to the story. It’s a picture of paper coming out from an envelope. 

If I was Ahern , then I would have named it, celebration of truth or an accidental encounter with life or meeting my life etc as I feel that she wanted to keep this word “Life” in the title. 

So, it goes like this, Lucy Silchester has been avoiding her life since last two and the half years. Her life is as messy as her flat. She doesn’t allow anyone inside her flat except her cat which she is keeping illegally. She has job to pay her bills, which she doesn’t like. She was following the routine sincerely until she got a letter from her life.  And here comes the twist in the story. 

And the twist is – Life is a person! It has gender and Lucy’s life is a male. No, it’s not metaphorically calling someone she loves, her life. Her life is literally her life. Confused? I was too. It took me quite a number of pages to clear this confusion from my head. Once, you understand this concept and where this story is going, then the book feel comfortable between your hands with a coffee on your side.

Lucy doesn’t wants to meet her life, until she got herself entangled in her own web of lies which is affecting every sphere of Lucy’s life. Life comes to clean her life and to simplify it. 

Reading, “The Time of my Life”, was like watching a good romantic movie with your partner on weekend. The story is narrated in such a fashion that you will play images simultaneously  on your head while reading it. I am sure the story will soon be adopted by a Hollywood director, if not already. In the end, it has a message to give, which is: 

If you're looking for a cheesy, romantic book to accompany you on this weekend on your beach holiday then grab a copy!

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