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2015 - A Friend Or Foe ?

Continuing  A  Piece Of SHE's  tradition of writing this post at the end of every year...

Every year on 1st January, a new friend comes to visit us. Every year they come with a new name. Last year, it was 2014. This year we called it 2015. They stay with us for one year and then wave us goodbye exactly at 12 am on 31st December. Like every friendship, this friendship too takes it own sweet little time to blossom. And we get well acquainted with our new friend after spending at least 3-4 months together . We make so many memories with these friends every year and  talk about them even after 10 years. Like in 2004 , i lost a very dear person , 2012 gifted me love, in 2013 I got married and so on. So, whenever I will think about 2015, these are the things I will remember!

January – our year didn’t start the way we had planned it. We were planning to start New Year in a new country. I left my job and on my farewell day we got to know that our trip had been cancelled for some official reason. So we were bit down and didn’t know how to greet 2015. I was again jobless and had no clue about my next move. But amidst all the confusion we went to Chennai to visit our friends. We had a little reunion in Chennai and we had so much fun. We took the right decision to go there because we forgot all our worries and sadness and were ready for the fresh start with lots of new energy. 

On the way to Chennai 

Just few days after coming back from Chennai, we left for Ooty again with another friends. Again, we had so much fun. Even the long road journey in the hired car from Bengaluru to Ooty was awesome. In this trip I discovered that I am a talented mobile photographer and also, earned the title of “official mobile photographer”. These two trips changed our life. We were again ready to move forward in life.

Moyaer River at Ooty

February: - I decided to start looking for a job again and February was all about answering calls, sending CV and proving my worth to the companies. I was too busy but enjoyed this business of busyness a lot. I discovered so many things about myself and all those interviews taught me something.  I also got acquainted with the road map of Bengaluru.

March – Nothing changed in March except for the fact that I was getting better with every interview and I had pizza at my husband’s office, if that’s something! 

April – In April, again the Chennai reunion happened in Bengaluru at our place. I and my girl friend were left alone to have fun like old days. And we utilized every bit of it. We tried to do the things we used to do in Kolkata before marriage. Meanwhile, I was also planning when to go home next to meet my parents.

May – Here comes the twist in our life. I’ve so much to write about this month that I would need a separate new post for this. In short, we were travelling again but this time to UK in a 7 days notice period . We couldn’t meet our families. We felt terrible for that reason but I was excited too to see the world. As soon as we arrived in UK, all hell broke loose. We just wanted May month to end and soon. We lived in a Bed & Breakfast for few days and then on May 16 shifted to our own rented flat. I can go on and on but I need to stop here.


June – I’ve no idea how I survived those initial days in UK. We had no internet and no television. I did lots of shopping and window shopping to kill time and wondered about the times when  internet or TV were yet not discovered. But then I found a wonderful library and I never got bored in UK again. I also met one of best friend in UK. I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening and they took us to London. Visiting London was my dream since I was in college. We also visited Cardiff and Bath. Cardiff is capital of Wales and Goa of Southern England. Bath is the place where Jane Austen spent her last years. The vibe of Victorian era still lingers at Bath Spa.

Celebration of Jousting at Cardiff Castle

July – My elder sister was admitted to a hospital and she  went through a   minor operation. Thanks to God, all is well. Other than that God was kind enough to keep me away from any untoward incidents. Bristol was our destination on July and it is my least favorite among all the places I had been to in UK.

August – The memories of 1st August will forever remain fresh and young on my mind. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in a very romantic and beautiful place called Bournemouth. We saw beautiful beaches and we both agreed that we had never seen a beautiful place like Hengisbury Head before in our life. We had famous fish & chips, Nachos for lunch. It was bright and sunny which is very rare in UK. It was just perfect!

Hengisbury Head at Bournemouth 

I also got the opportunity to see oxford on August . Oxford is a small town which we could easily covered by a bike but rain God never stopped showering its love upon us on that particular day. Our second trip to Bath also happened in August. We tried to cover those places which we missed in our first trip and had lunch in an awesome place.

Oxford - The Radcliffe Camera - built in 1737–1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library

September – It is the month of many birthdays in my family including mine. So I always feel excited about this month even though I get a year older (but not wiser). 2015, September was terrible for me. My dear mommy got admitted in a hospital urgently at night. I got to know about it next day afternoon. Those few days were terrible for me. I became completely mad.  But even though God gave me problems, He didn’t leave me alone. He also gave solutions to my problems and my mom came back home after few days totally fit. I had lunch in a Chinese restaurant on my birthday. I had lots of cake and sweets. I also met my friend and we spent some time together  again in London.

October – I had planned a small surprise at home for my husband’s birthday and it went well. I did cooking for him and next day we went to a restaurant to celebrate. We also  explored few new places in London together.

November – I joined a club in my library. I got to meet new people from all around the world. We discuss about our country , culture, traditions and stuffs like that.

December – This year everyone in my family had been admitted to  hospital at least once. December was my papa's turn. But again, God helped us to overcome this difficult situation. I was excited to see all the Christmas and holiday lights but I live in a small town and they celebrate in a different and  non commercialized way. On 24th evening we left home at around 7pm. We went to a church and got to know that the midnight mass will start at 11:30 pm. Meanwhile, we had dinner at Nandos and came back at 10. Nobody had arrived and the front door was closed. The Christ Church is at the middle of cemetery. So we two were sitting in the middle of a graveyard waiting for the church door to open in a cold and windy night. It was scary in an exciting way. I got the opportunity to attend the Christmas midnight mass for the first time in my life. It was very spiritual.

And now all those  lights shining everywhere to welcome another new friend, 2016 is telling me that it’s time to go home and hug my dear mommy and papa and my niece. 2015 was all about travelling and friends but in 2016 I am looking forward to add infinite crazy  pictures of my family in my facebook album.  I hope I get along with 2016! 

I want to thank God for taking care of everyone in 2015! 

How was your 2015 ? What will you remember most ? 

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