Friday, 16 November 2012

He's just not that into you ...

Falling in love is easy. Being  in love with the same person for many years is a challenging task. Maintaining a relationship is a full time job and you’ve to work on it daily. Love and lovers are indeed blind.  When you are too much in love, you loose all your sense of thinking rationally and making wise decisions.

Signs which shows your partner is falling out of love with you:

  1. If he set expectations and then doesn't  follow them.
  2. If he stop calling you frequently to know about your whereabouts 
  3. If he get angry at you over silly reasons.
  4. If he ask you to look for other options as he feel that he can never meet your expectations.
  5. If he doesn't have time for you.
  6. If he doesn't wants  to hangout with you.
  7. If he is indifference towards your likes and dislikes.
  8. If he treat you as an option.
  9. If he look unhappy when he is with you. If he doesn't share his feelings and thoughts with you.
  10. If he always make you feel always guilty about something.
  11. If he doesn't feel  insecure about loosing you (Yes, little bit of jealousy is good

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  1. This is well written and extremely true!
    Been through that and ended up with a broken heart...but I guess I am over it, I gave in my everything and it just goes to show my love is deserved elsewhere.

    Just a side request but can you add a follow button on your profile...I would love to follow it...your posts are awesome and would love to read more posts from you. :) thanks! :D

    1. hey, You read this article...I thought no one will ever read it ..heheh...Thanks for reading and sorry to hear about your break up. Be with someone who treat you as extra ordinary and make you feel good about yourself. Remember someone is just made for you and he is waiting for you. ( Yes, I'm a big fan of Yash Raj films :-D ).

    2. Ohh one more thing , I've added followers button for you :-p

    3. Yay...Happy follower now!LOL!