Monday, 19 November 2012

How I met my prince charming ( Part 1).

You know that awkward moment when you wake up one fine morning and suddenly its dawn at you that you’re in love with that person whom you thought is just a good friend.

In India, when a girl reaches 24, her parent starts hyperventilating to see vermilion on their daughter’s forehead. This becomes their only goal in life. My parents are no different from them. Arrange marriage was never my thing but to shut my parent’s mouth I decided to create my profile in a local matrimony website. I still remember that weird feeling while filling up my profile. I was damn scared of my unknown future ahead with a completely unknown man. I felt like I’m trying to sell a product in the competitive market. The funda is to highlight your best qualities and hide negative ones. World is full of perfect people here. Who says, “ No one is perfect”. Huh! If you ever feel like to boost your self esteem, I would suggest you to join site like this. After I declared to the world   that I’m the best woman, I begun my hunt for the potential groom.

I went through thousands of profile but none of them impressed me. I rejected them without any particular reason. Till today when he asks me, “Why I’d rejected them?”,   I couldn't give him any satisfactory answer. I didn't know what I was looking for.  I wasn't following my brain. I was afraid to confess that some hope is still left in me to find love again in this website of arrange marriage. I knew everyone would laugh at me.  This may sound stupid but my heart said I haven’t found my Mr. Right yet. It took almost 7 long days to find him or may be i can say that  it took 24 long years to finally find him.

One late night I couldn't sleep after the long and tiresome discussion with my parents on my matrimony process. I was lost in deep thoughts. I  wondered where is he? What he is doing now?  When and how I will find him? What God has in mind for me? Is this the wrong place to look for him? I thought to give it another try and found myself hooked into the site again. May be that very moment my stars and sun changed their positions and I found him. Well, I didn't know it then that he is the one for me.

to be continued ...


  1. Really ?! Thank you , Maria ! :)

  2. Love it!
    Actually I should thank you as well, I am 25 looking for Prince Charming....not a fan of arranged marriages either but reading your post gave me some kind of hope that it is not all that bad as I assumed it will be.
    I look forward to reading Part 2!

    1. Thank You , Nikki. I'm glad you liked it. Your prince charming is on the way to meet you :-D Actually arranged marriage is not that bad if u do not come across any bad or typical people. Guess its all luck and destiny.

      All the best for your hunt and may you get the best dude :-D

      I'll write part 2 soon and will wait for your feedback :)

  3. this is really good :D ! can't wait to hear the rest ;o

    xoxo Grace

  4. I love reading stories like this... wonderful! :)