Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How I met my prince charming (Part 2).

Continued from: Part 1

I read each word very carefully, like; I was trying to decode some rocket science hidden in those words. His “about me” touched my heart instantly. I felt the urge to know him and to talk to him once. I wanted to show his profile to my parents next morning as an example of my choice. This is what he wrote in his profile:

".......Hello. I am based out of Bangalore/Edinburgh due to my work. I love trekking (especially on boring weekends) rather than munching French fries in a Burger King joint! I love traveling without plans; I intend to become a Michael Palin of sort someday! I am fond of poetry (Urdu shayri) and a huge fan of Longfellow, I love listening to Jagjit Singh gazal’s, western classical music and John Denver. I try my hand in photography with an inclination towards nature (mountains) I am a propah-adda-baaj. I write blogs, and spend my leisure time exploring city-lights.Hope this gives you a very subtle idea about me. If you find this interesting, then please feel free to contact 
Note: I prefer cosmopolitan, honest and easy going person, who can be a great friend, can appreciate a good movie and share a good laugh. I absolutely distaste people with pretension and ego! . Good day............" 

I still don’t understand what exactly was so extraordinary about his “about me” which overwhelmed me. How it was different from others, I'm still clueless. Next morning when my parents again started interrogating me, I told them I came across a boy’s profile last night and they should have a look. My dad read it aloud in front of other members. Meanwhile, they all were trying to figure out what special quality this man possesses which others don’t have. However, they couldn't find anything in his profile to object. I got green signal to contact him. I sent interest to him and few others. Yes, this is how marriage process works here. You always keep your backup ready.

I didn't hear anything from him in next few days. I thought, by now he must have got his Miss Right. I almost forgot about him, as I was busy in sending, receiving, and rejecting interests from other candidates.

Suddenly one morning (on 10 June 2012), I received a mail from him. He asked us to contact his father in India. After the completion of initial conversation round between two parents over phone, we decided to chat on Internet to know each other. His parents stay just 2-3 kms away from our house. Still, we never crossed paths before as he has left town 6 years ago to earn his livelihood .

It was Sunday. He was at his flat. I felt very nervous. Thousands of butterflies, rats and don’t know what other animals started doing circus inside my stomach and I felt the sudden urge to visit washroom to relieve myself from their burden.

It was my first conversation with anyone regarding matrimony. I didn't know what and what not to say. My brother -in- law advised me to hide my past in our first conversation. His suggestions left me more confused and disturbed. I didn't had time to take any decision as my Mr. Right was waiting for me to come online on the other side of the computer.

I shooed away my sister and brother- in- law from my room. They left reluctantly as they  felt missing out the fun of watching my nervous rotten potato like face. Thank God , he didn't asked me to come on skype that day. 

We started chatting. It was impossible to sense his mood, nervousness, or eagerness from those text chats. After few typical formal exchanges between us, I decided to tell him things, which makes me not- so- perfect bride.

Here I would like to tell you about one of my habit. I love to party with some of my closed friends. I didn't mention this in my matrimony profile as my parents are in dark about it. My father would kill me if he ever comes to know about it and kick me out from his house:-D. Alcohol consumption is regarded as sin in India especially for girls. The thought of hiding this in matrimony profile always haunted me. I wanted to tell him on the very first day of our chatting to shake off this guilty feeling from my mind. I assumed it wouldn't be big deal for a man even If I tell him the truth. This is okay for girls and boys of our age. They don’t mind to see a beer bottle in their girls hand as they themselves love their whiskey madly, deeply and crazily.

Thought of marrying each other vanished from our mind as soon as we started knowing each other. I admitted my drinking habits to him. I got to know he has never touched alcohol in his life and he hates this habit in anyone. His confession of non-alcoholic nature broke my heart into thousand pieces. I was shocked.  I presumed that he will marry a non-drinker. We realized that we are two completely different people living in two different country and time zone. Romance or anything was impossible in that situation. My parents thought I liked him as we went on chatting for more than 3-4 hours. They had almost fixed a date for our marriage while, I was chatting with him in the other room. However, during those hours we were just somehow tolerating each other with utter politeness.

Finally, we said goodbye to each other.  We thought this was the happy ending of our story. But like Mitch Albom said, “all endings are also beginnings, we just don’t know it at the time.”

To be continued …


  1. The ouch moment when you have no idea what he was thinking at the other end.
    But I think you did a great thing to say it all, after all no relationship should ever hide any secrets or anything from each other, he is certainly lucky to have you in that aspect.

    And have to admit, no wonder looking at his profile made you flutter..that is one heck of an awesome introduction, way boring than the ones you see written like a formal business letter, at least this one was trying to be who he is! :3

    Ohh before I forget....Rotton potato face...hahaha best nervous face ever!!!!!XD XD XD

    1. ha ha ha Time will tell If he is lucky or unlucky ;-):-D Thanks for reading my post :)

  2. This is really intriguing! I couldn't imagine my parents arranging a marriage for me. Let alone have an enormous say in it. It's good that you told him immediately that you like a drink. Honesty is always best!

    And to be honest, if I had to put up a profile like this and my parents would check I wouldn't mention any of those things either. It's not a sin in Belgium if you smoke or drink alcohol (as a girl), but my dad just thinks it's not very classy.

    I'm interested in how this is going to end :D !

    xoxo Grace

    1. Now a days "Arrange marriage" has become rare in India too. In case you fail to choose a suitable partner for you that's when parents interfere. Actually, I wasted four precious years of my life for a wrong guy. So, thought may be I should give them one chance to find a right guy for me. Its like your parents arranging dates for you :-D

  3. I never realized you write so's amazing how people meet with no idea about what is in store...
    Life is strange...but beautiful too.

    Good day!

    1. Thanks for liking it :) yeah, life is full of good and bad surprises...enjoy this roller coaster ride !!!

  4. Brilliant stuff !! A lot of people these days use bengali matrimonial websites. While some are apprehensive about finding Mr/Mrs right some are not. Your blog is testimony that it works and there is hope for some of us out there ! Hope you had a wonderful marriage and wish you all the best in life