Friday, 31 May 2013

Words for the love of my life.

Art : Irina Vitalievna Karkabi
Image Source : Rumi 

Dear Soul mate,

I am sitting in my room, watching beautiful clouds and rain from my window. Every beautiful thing reminds me of you and your selfless love for me. I am missing you. However, we are miles apart from each other but you are with me always. I take you with me wherever I go. I see your beautiful face when I close my eyes. I cannot start my day until I hear your voice. I have nothing but only these words to express my love. I know you want me to write meaningful and thought provoking articles for my blog but you are the most important part of my life. Nothing and no one is more important for me than you and I am not ashamed to admit that I am nothing without you.

Trust me I have not met anyone like you before. You are every woman’s dream man. People say that perfect man who does not drink, smoke and respect women do not exist in real life. They have not met you. You are unique and simply awesome. You are a real man. Your simplicity and honesty makes you "cool dude". Please don’t ever change yourself for anyone.  

My life’s purpose is to see that bright shining light in your eyes and smile on your lips. I promise to love you every minutes and seconds. I would take care of you. Together we would face all the difficulties. We would celebrate love and happiness together. I am your shadow. I am you. 

I Love You

Imperfect Girl

Every step of the way
I will walk with you and never leave you stranded.
- Rumi 
Image Source: Rumi


  1. Aww this was great. Hope he liked it!

    -The Anon Blogger

    1. Yes, he loved it ! :) Thanks for reading , Anon !


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much ,textoflex ! :-D


  3. Very romantic, and very moving.