Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dear God, Thank You For 2013 - The Year Of Many Firsts!

Last year while I was saying Goodbye to 2012 I was scared about the tears I would have to shed in 2013 and at the same time I was excited to welcome the happiness  that God has planned for me with the open arms. Its time to look back and review the life I lived this year. 2013 has become one of the memorable year of my life.Even after 20-25 years I would talk about "2013" to my kids and grand children. 

Image Source : Lessons Learned in Life

My life changed with a phone call in January 2013. It was a call from my husband’s parents in the early morning. They wanted to fix a date for our wedding. My dad waited for this day for so long but when it finally arrived it brought tears in his eyes. It was tears of both happiness and sadness. I guess life is all about that. You get some and you lose some.

It was a year of many firsts. I changed my relationship status in facebook for the first time from single to in a relationship and then married :-D First time I got a surprise gift from my husband on Valentine’s Day. Every girl dream about that and thanks to my dear hubby he fulfilled one of my dreams. Otherwise I would have this regret in life that I never received a surprise gift from anyone on Valentine’s Day before I got married. Being girl, that would have felt terrible :-p  There are other firsts like:

First kiss ;-)

Lost my virginity ;-)

My honeymoon

Walking hand in hand with my husband in the sands of Goa beaches…. Hugging my husband whenever I feel low or feel love for him….sleeping beside him. These are very special and new feeling which I experienced finally this year. I had been waiting for these small and special moments all my life.

Learned cooking.

For the first time I left my family. 

2013 gave birth to a new “me”. I am not what I used to be. I am yet to know this new me. Sometimes I understand it and sometimes I don’t. And you fight a strange battle when you don’t understand yourself. Few old pieces of me still remain though like no one can take away my basic rights, no one can tell me how I should live my life If I am not doing anything wrong and my family ( my parents, my sister, my niece , my uncle, my grandmother) is an important part of my life…no one and nothing can change that. 

I found a new voice through my husband. Of course, we fight like all other couples but I see love for me in his eyes. I know he protect me always and I know he is too like me fighting his own battle. We would make sure in 2014 to face it all
together.  He is my baby and I love him most. 

Thanks to God I haven’t lost anyone this year or none of my friends became stranger. But I met many new people and I am glad to meet them in my life. Size of my family has grown and I would like to thank God again for the awesome father and mother in laws. 

Thank you God for keeping my friends and family safe and healthy in 2013. Hope everyone would get your blessings in 2014.

Cheers to 2013!!!! 

Are you thankful to God for 2013? Please share in the comment section below why or why not?

Quick Review of 2013 ( for my bad memory):
Jan – fixed wedding date and venue
Feb: Surprise gift from my husband on Valentine’s Day and met my best friend after one year and don’t know when I will see her next. Changed my relationship status on 10 feb to “in a relationship”.
March : Don’t remember
April : Got engaged to my husband
May : Don’t remember
June: Don’t remember. May be I was shopping like crazy for my wedding and attended a friend’s wedding.
July: was going through huge emotional changes.
August: got married to the love of my life and went  to Goa for honeymoon.
September :  my in laws first visit after our marriage
October: celebrated my first durga puja after marriage with in laws.
November: Halwani trip and first diwali in Halwani.
December : My father’s  first visit after our marriage


Hmmmm I think I have totally lived 2013 and I have no regrets this year!!!!


  1. What a spectacular year you've had! Memories you'll treasure forever. Wishing you more of the same in 2014.

    1. Thank you so much ! Happy 2014 to you too :)

  2. Wow, and hasn't it gone by very quickly? I hope 2014 will be even more blessed for you, and it will open up great doors of opportunity.

  3. Nice post Shainee. Hope the next year will be even more better :)
    Keep posting.