Thursday, 14 November 2013

Heaven on Haldwani.

God planned something special for me this year. The almighty  called me to a place in Uttarakhand called Haldwani to celebrate Diwali. Haldwani is also known as "Gateway to Kumaon". Last week we were at Haldwani to meet my husband's Guru. We spent seven days in Guruji's Aashram. It's a life changing experience for me. I've never met someone like him before. He is a symbol of love, compassion, peace , happiness and divine powers. He is a loyal friend , philosopher and Guide to everyone. He loves everyone without expecting anything in return from them. Not a single molecule of negativity can touch anyone when he is around. He and one of his follower used to cook for us everyday . He used to feed us with love and care like  mother.

I am posting  few captured Images by my husband below  :

Patal Devi Temple @ Almora

Patal Devi Temple

Ghanta Mandir

Jageshwar Temple

@ Jageshwar


From the terrace of our Guruji's Aashram @ Haldwani
This trip helped me to enhance my inner beauty. Guruji made me believe that God does exist and that gave me peace and strength to face the world . Once he said to all his followers ,"be honest and remember God in whatever you do and that is more than enough for God to love you." I will try to follow his teachings.

Take care !

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  1. I just love your blog! Keep blogging :)