Friday, 25 April 2014

Death Predictions.

Mr. Tony from Blog catalog asked a question one month ago, “How do you think you’re going to die”?   I somehow found this question intriguing. I had never thought about this before and I read all the answers and I felt that may be they (other bloggers like me) also had never thought about this before.  We all think about what are the  things we want to do before we die but have we ever done this guess work that how we are going to say goodbye ?

I think I will die on operation table. I am scared of blood and physical pain. I don’t think I will be able to survive any kind of physical pain during operation or I will die from a road accident. Unfortunately I would not know if my prediction is right or wrong.  

I am publishing here some of the answers. All were interesting but I cannot publish all of them here unfortunately. I read all the answers and I don’t know why I was getting so emotional while reading them even though some answers were funny.  This is what some of the bloggers replied:

Hels:  Skin cancer.
From all those early decades in the burning summer sun.

Floormodel: I spend my time with my mom who's in a nursing home. I watch the elderly go there to die and for most it's a lonely, painful death. I love my sons and I don't want them to have to tend to me the way I do my mom. So if I reach that point, I'm putting my own butt on the ice floe and pushing off. 

melodykia:  from laughter.

ranfuchs: The best way. Scuba diving accident. Deep under the ocean, surrounded by deep blue

helenafortissima: Wow, that's something I never really think about. But, because I know that I don't want to be kept alive by artificial means if there is no hope of regaining functional capacity or quality of life, I do have a living will and advance directives. I think it's unfair to burden loved ones with end-of-life decisions when you can make those decisions yourself. So, I have no idea how or when I'll die, but I have a very clear idea about how I do not want to live.

 mulledvine: I just hope it's quick. I'm fairly comfortable with death, just not the dying part.

I googled about this topic to know if anyone before Tony ever thought about this. I found only one article “Edinburgh2013: How do you think you are going to die?”.  Which was published one year back in “The Independent”. It was written by Matt Green. You may read it HERE.

I can go on writing about life and death but I do not want to scare you. So I am ending my article here. If you want to predict your death then you’re welcome in my comment section below :)

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