Thursday, 8 May 2014

Apt Words.

I just came back from my hometown yesterday. It was just a two day trip with my husband for my husband’s cousin’s engagement. We had booked our ticket on Jan. we were counting days for his cousin’s engagement when suddenly just two weeks before the much awaited event his cousin’s father fell sick and had been admitted in a hospital. We were still hopeful about the engagement. We thought that he will come back home before the engagement. But that didn’t happened and he is still in hospital and the engagement had been called off. We didn’t cancel our ticket and decided to be with the family in this crisis. 

The day we were supposed to come back to our place my husband’s cousin got a call from the hospital at 3 A.M. Hospital people informed her that her father is not well and they must come to see him as soon as possible. We canceled our ticket after hearing this and extended our stay for two more days. He is doing okay now. But doctor told us that he needs to be in hospital for at least 2 months. 

My husband’s cousin family is suffering a lot. It’s hard to see their pain and there is nothing we can do to lessen it. His cousin is the only daughter. She is very young and managing everything. She is the only earning member in the family which is making the situation more difficult for the family.   

I couldn’t find anything to say to them when I met them. I think in situations like this action are more important than words. As I had no actions to perform , I couldn’t find any words to make them feel better or encourage them . I couldn’t say to them even , “How are you”?

This made me think that certain situations leave us speechless and wordless.I feel there is not enough words in the dictionary in any language to express my feelings in certain situations. Words fail me in those situations. I wonder what to say in the following situations: 

Did you face any such situation in life that had left you speechless ?


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