Friday, 31 July 2015

Dear Grumpy !

Dear Grumpy,

Tommorrow is our 2nd marriage anniversary.I'm publishing this today because we might be off to Bournemouth tommorrow early morning.Like last year, this year too my gift to you is this very letter you’re reading right now! I had promised to you write one letter every year for this occasion. That way, I think, you’ll collect 28 more, over the years, for sure. If you demand more, then that’s something for our beloved God to decide. But I think total 30 letters means 30 years of togetherness will be “enough of me” for you for this lifetime. 

Every year, like this predictable gift/letter, message will also remain same that “I love you”! Though I know there is no surprise in that (message) because I make sure to remind you that at least 5 times every day. Unless I am really mad at you (sometimes for no reason at all, I admit. Thanks to my over flowing female hormones). But I do not say “sorry” more often than I should. So, this is the time also to ask for forgiveness for the times I had hurt you. Sorry for the times, I had placed my “ego” instead of placing the word “sorry” between us. 

It was our dream to celebrate our anniversary somewhere abroad and we’re living that dream this year by God’s grace. I’ve many memories to cherish this year. 

I will remember the walk from our apartment to a nearby mall holding your hand on almost every weekend!

I will remember keeping my head on your shoulder while sleeping.

I will remember, you spending sleepless, anxious and excited days and typing in numerous mails for my job hunt. 

I will remember the day when you came back home from office suddenly leaving all your meetings with lots of foods just to celebrate the call for 2nd round of interview for Amazon.

I will remember you waiting outside the Amazon office for my interview, missing your crucial cricket match. 

I will remember your constant support in my journey to be something or someone!

I will remember our laugh, our cry, our fears, our broken dreams and our hopes. 

Various trips that we covered this year like Chennai, Ooty, swindon , Bristol , bath and Cardiff.( Most probably we're adding Bournemouth also).

I will remember the funny ball dance in our moon light filled bedroom in Swindon on a Spanish song!

I will remember the struggles we did after coming to Swindon and excitement as well to see a foreign land together with you! 

I will remember all the long walks to unknown roads and destinations.

Most of all I will remember how much we loved (or may be didn’t love each other for that matter) and how young we looked! 

My best memory of us from this year would be our last night in Bengaluru before leaving for Swindon. We sat together, holding hands before getting ready for the long journey ahead us. With a infectious smile on your lips and shining bright eyes you said, “ Shainee, Lets make it a best 8-9 months of our life.” Then we had spent all night at the international airport talking about our future , the unknowns in front of us in an unknown place until the dawn while watching the landing and taking off of the planes! It was a night to remember and cherish always!

Hope we remember this all the time especially on the tough days that we're ALWAYS on the same side. When you fall, I fall. When you rise, I rise! Happy 2nd year of togetherness to us!



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