Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rest In Peace India's Brave Daughter.

I am not writing this post to gain followers for my blog or to promote it, which I often do. This post is my way to protest against Delhi gang rape.

The brave Delhi gang rape victim Nirbhaya died today. She wanted to live badly. However, Indian government and those cowards killed her. Every hour they kill at least a “woman” in India for no reason. In India, women doesn't enjoy the rights given in our constitution to every citizen like the Right to live , Right to equality and  Right to  freedom which includes the right to move anywhere in the country safely and without any restrictions.

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For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to call myself INDIAN. I live in a barbaric nation where women are treated as mere sexual object. Yes, I am ashamed of myself too as I have not done anything yet to bring positive change in our society. It is my responsibility and duty too, to fight and bring change in the society. I have taken my first step and I promise to do something on large scale in future.

I would not start the blame game here. My dear women let us not depend on others to protect us. Do you really expect those politicians to protect us? We are stronger than those weak creatures sitting in the parliament. We play a vital role in shaping our society. Let us start with changing attitudes of people around us. Give right values to your son. Do not point fingers at the victim or gossip about them. Do not ask your daughter to change herself. Create a society for her where she can live without any fear. In this way, you can contribute in bringing change in the society. Indian author and columnist, Shobhaa De, rightly wrote in her blog few days back...

"No woman in India should ever be told to arm herself with chilly powder. No woman should even feel the need to do so. This is what the fight is about. Get real, Sheila Dixit. Women must be able to take safety for granted. Just like men do. For, when Delhi gets raped, India gets raped." 

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People of India is demanding capital punishment for those bastards (I am using this word for the first time and I am not sorry about it. They rightly deserve it). No, I am not going to lecture on human rights and right to live for those monsters. However, I do not wish such an easy death for them. I wish more painful and cruel death for them than hanging them from a rope. I want them to die every minute for 10-15 days like Nirbhaya. Most ideal punishments for them would be to make them eat their own excretes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then one by one chop off their fingers, balls and dick.  Then insert a rod inside them and throw them off from a running vehicle and leave them there to die on their own. This would send message to other criminals and they would think twice before committing this heinous crime.   

We need strict laws for rape, murder, and physical damages like acid attacks, burning alive etc. why demand easy peaceful death for them? It’s time for Indian men to change themselves and their attitude towards women.

Rest in peace “the brave daughter of India” and may God be with her family in this difficult time. 


  1. The news disturbed me....the fact that not only was she raped but also tortured and ended up with a very slow death.
    She was very brave,to face this and still had the wish to live after such a horrible trauma...May her soul rest in peace!

  2. heartbreaking


  3. i salute her may her soul rest in peace