Saturday, 23 February 2013

Our Happy Beginning !

Continued from : How I met my prince charming (Part1) And
                          How I met my prince charming (Part II)

As soon as I entered the room, my family members started raining questions on me. when I did not reply anything, as I was mentally tired, dad applied another trick to get his answers.

“We were discussing the venue for your marriage with this guy (the sunshine man)”, said dad.
“WHAT? VENUE ? what are you talking about ?”, I said with a puzzled  expression on my face.

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“Then why you gave so much time to him”, Dad asked me confused. Smile from my father’s face evaporated as soon as I told them I am not going to chat with him second time. My father didn’t give up though, after all he is an ex army man. He said,” at least, tell us the reason”. I could not tell him the reason so to stop him from asking questions I replied rudely,”I am not going to tell you the reason. This is a closed chapter and I don’t want to hear anything more about it.”

After that, I started talking to others in the room but from the corner of my eye, I was observing my dear father who looked worried and lost in deep thoughts. I felt bad for my rudeness but sometimes rudeness is the only weapon left with you to deal with the tricky situations like this one. My father might had been wondering that if I reject the person I had shortlisted myself after going through thousands of candidates, then how will I ever zero in one person.

At night when everyone had fallen asleep, I was replaying the whole conversation on my mind with Mr. Right. Although, I knew there was no next step with him but as I said in my previous post, he was the first with whom I had talked about spending my life together. We always remember our “first” experience. It doesn’t matter if the first experiences we earned were good or bad or netural.

I told him about my drinking habits and like you already know (as i said in my previous posts) that he is a non – drinker, Suddenly fear gripped my mind.  In India, parents call each other’s family to tell them their final decision regarding matrimony. Sometimes they call to say,”No” and the reason behind it. Which is a good thing actually. It hurts but it is better than leaving someone hanging. Therefore, I was scared about what if he tells his parents about my habits, as I did not tell him not to tell anyone. I thought they might call my parents to inform that they are not proceeding because of my drinking habits.

Next day I was jumping at the sound of every phone calls  in our house out of fear. Every call made me think that this could be the last call of my life. Finally, the day ended and we did not get any calls from his family. I thanked this man thousand times for saving an innocent unloved life.

When the call did not come and I was out of danger, I forgot about him and went on with my life. He too did not try to contact me, which clearly meant that he too was not interested in me. I remained invisible whenever I came online in gtalk to hide from him. Although I never saw him online during those days. Awkwardness was the reason behind hiding from him as he was a complete stranger and we had spoken about spending life together.

One night I still remember I was reading an ebook version of life of Pi. Somehow, I was not able to concentrate on book. So I decided to login to gtalk. I find it strange now that I had chosen gtalk to avoid my boredom because I am not into online chatting. He was online. I felt an urge suddenly to talk to him. I was not sure if I should ping him or not. Time was around 1 am. Being a girl starting communication with a man first is a big blow to her ego. I gave up soon keeping asides my ego and other troubling thoughts, I pinged him first. I thought he might think that I would pressurize him for marriage but he did not show any such attitude.

Soon we became very good friends. Both of us knew that we do not fit as life partners, which made our friendship stronger. Since then I used to come online everyday at 11pm for him and we used to chat for hours. I always used to ping him first keeping aside my girl ego. It became an unspoken ritual/pact between us. Chatting went on for three months. Trust me there was not even a small hint of romance in our conversation in those days.

I found him down to earth, humble. The qualities, which touched my heart most are he never flirted with me and he never tried to act over smart or he never did any kind of show off which most of the men do in front of any girl to impress her. I loved “take it or leave it” attitude” in him. He did not hide anything from me. He told me everything. Every good and bad thing about him. I had no other way to find out anything about him. He told me everything himself.

We used to share so much but we never felt love for each other. Although, I did not contact a single person for matrimony after him. Strangely I was looking someone like him after knowing him but never thought about him. He even gave me tips on how to date guys for matrimony .

During those three months, he was posted in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had no plans to visit India soon. Due to some official reason, his office decided to send him back to India. He knew when he will reach India his parents would start forcing him to marry. Therefore, he was not happy about coming back. He was very happy with his life there.

We decided to meet and after dating just 2-3 times eventually, we fell in love with each other. Now we are here. We are getting married this year on August and engagement is on April. Still it seems like a dream to us. Journey was long and emotionally tiresome but I finally found my Mr. Right. I thank God for blessing me. Mr. Right has restored my faith in God and love. I had been to all the wrong places to reach the right person and now I am home with the BEST MAN.

I would write about my dating days with Mr. Right in my coming posts.  I have also requested him to write his version of story someday.

I would love to hear your story in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading my posts and supporting me through your lovely comments. Its really mean a lot to me. keep showering your love and support on me :) 

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  1. Wishing you a very happy married life! God bless you both.Please keep writing :)

  2. That is such a sweet love story. I wish you and your man all the best and hope you both will have a lasting happy life together :)

  3. Having read this I am sure you will have a wonderful and very happy life together.

    Kate x

  4. Wow love sure does work on the most unexpected glad you found your Mr.Right and I hope you both remain happy forever!!! :D

  5. Lovely post, Shainee. Good luck with everything.

  6. Hi, dear Shainee I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Congratulations! You deserve it. You can check the details on my blog.

  7. I nominated you for the Liebster Award... Check out my blog


  8. I felt the love brimming out of your words for him. It is a blessing to get to spend your life with the one you love. It doesn't happen to everyone, you see? I wish you all happiness the world could offer. Take care my dear...

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  10. Thank you for sharing, wishing you all the best:)

    Congratulations on being nominated for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD over at Nina's blog. Nothing: The Inspirer!

    1. yeah, I am happy to win this award :) Thanks to Nina! thanks for your wishes too! :)

  11. What has been ordained by God will always be in due time. I'm happy to have read your story. Sometimes when you know, you just know. Wishing you all the very best with your wedding and the days, months and years to follow. I'm a new reader and hooked already:-)