Friday, 4 April 2014

A Message From The Above !

Our Guru (spiritual guide) was in ecstatic mood after returning from Raghu Nath temple in Jammu on 25th march 2014. He was sitting with his devotees and uttered these divine lines:
“Gam na kar badal ghanera,
Kiske roke ruka hain savera “

He explained to his devotees that (as far as I remember & understood), do not feel scared and sad when your see dark clouds in the sky. Always remember that no matter what morning will come next day. Morning has to come. No one and nothing can stop the rays of sun to reach on earth. Nothing is permanent, neither your happiness nor sadness. Everything passes. The good and the bad. The sorrow and the joy. There is a bright beautiful light waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel.

Further he said, 

"Yeh raat jitni bhi sangeen hogi,
  Subha utni he haseen hongi..."

Meaning: However dark the night is, morning will be more brighter and beautiful. According to HIM It is important to know what pain is to enjoy happiness. You will get bored if there is only happiness in your life. Sadness bring change in your life and teach us to appreciate happiness when its arrive.

Dark nights and bright mornings are an integral part of our life. Accept both and remember HIM ( The Supreme) in every season of your life.

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  1. "It is important to know what pain is to enjoy happiness.... get bored if there is only happiness in life....... Dark nights and bright mornings are an integral part of our life. Accept both...."

    Very true statement indeed. Acceptance is the key to liberation. Acceptance means choicelessness. Choose and you are err; choose and you off the track; choose and you're fragmented. Liberation is totality, whole, complete, unity, integration. On the other hand, choice means denial of the other half of the truth, which also is. And it isn't in our hand to wipe it away. There is nothing in our hands. What is, is; it was, when we didn't exist and will be when we'll be no more. According to zen saying, one who longs to be everywhere must not be anywhere. One who wants to be all cannot afford to be anything. There is no congruity between all and something; they don't go together. Choicelessness brings one to nothingness then he knows who he is, he was and who he'll be. Choicelessness is the state of bliss, ecstasy but not indifference. Choicelessness is flowing with the river not against it. It is not standing at the bank being indifferent.

    Evil has no existence and Good never ceases to be; reality of both has been acknowledged by the Seekers of Truth. ||Geeta Ch 2 Verse 16||