Friday, 6 June 2014

Locked Door

Just outside our building campus a woman sell flowers every day and I buy flowers from her everyday. When my husband leaves for office, I also go with him to buy flowers. His bus stand is just adjacent to that woman’s shop. There is a convention in our house made by two us since we came here in this place. The convention is every time we both go outside together it’s my husband who always lock the door. As I sometimes behave in an unorganized manner and forgetful. 

Today, when we both were going outside, while he started locking the door, I just kept walking. I never take my phone with me when I just know that I will buy flowers and come back to our apartment. The whole process takes hardly 10 minutes to complete. So when today we reached our destination, I found that shop was closed. So I was standing with my husband until his office bus came to pick up my husband. During that time we both were talking about all short of general things. His bus came after 10 minutes.

After my husband left, I was coming back to our apartment and when I reached 1st floor I realized that I don’t have keys. It’s with my husband. For few seconds I stood frozen their but my mind said to me that it’s the time to act and be calm. I was wondering when he will noticed that keys are with him. He had no clue when he will come back from office. Then I thought I need to reach him through phone but I had left my phone inside the apartment. I don’t know anyone in our campus. I don’t know who are neighbors are. I couldn’t just knock at their door and ask for their phone. Moreover, I don’t know my husband’s number. It is stored in my mobile. I don’t remember anyone’s number including mine.

I didn’t know what to do but I found myself walking towards the bus stop. I was in my sweat pants and just had 10 bucks in my hand. I saw two security people from our apartment talking to each other. I went to one of the man and asked if he has mobile phone, I need it urgently. Without asking me anything he gave me his phone. I remember my uncle’s mobile number. His number is same since I was a kid and we used to call him lot since that time. He always saves me from difficult situations. You can say that he is also my father. He is my mother’s brother. He is in Mumbai on a business trip.

I called him. I was worried if he doesn’t pick up a call from an unknown number. I was thinking what if my husband doesn’t pick up my uncle’s call. My mind was running into several directions but I looked calm outside. I was somehow calm inside also. I was just thinking what could be the consequences and how to deal with them in advance. My uncle answered my call at the second last ring. Luckily he understood my situation quickly and our conversation was over within 30 seconds. I thanked the owner of the phone and gave him back his thing.

Minutes felt like hours and I had no way to know if my husband got to know about my current situation. I needed to use the washroom. I thought of using bathroom which is exclusively for the security person and maids. I even made the plan to spend my entire day in the security room if my husband doesn’t turn up. 

Then after sometime, I didn’t have watch also so don’t know the exact time I saw my husband running towards me. I didn’t know how to react. I was bit worried what if he yell at me. But we just looked at each other and started laughing. 

I heard his version of story while again waiting for his bus. He was in bus and he was talking to his father over phone. He didn’t answer my uncle’s first call and when my uncle called him again for the second time even when his call was on waiting. He thought something is wrong. He picked up uncle’s call and my uncle asked him if he has apartment’s keys with him and at once he understood what he has done and got down from the bus. Luckily he got another bus quickly to return and came to me running. 

Good thing about this incident is we didn’t argue or played blame game with each other. It is the sign that our relationship is becoming more mature than it was before. This episode taught me an important lesson that I must memorize the numbers of my family members especially my husband’s. Although I know that as long as my uncle is there nothing can happen to me. Well, GOD you played a nice joke on us! I enjoyed it :)