Monday, 2 June 2014

Wrong Brush !

Generally, we wake up at 6 am every morning. That way my husband get to spend some quite and calm moments before the starting of his hectic day. I feel night is the time for retrospection and morning is the time to look forward. Every morning hope for a “better you” and at night before going to sleep check if you succeeded or not. Success would not come immediately and that’s perfectly alright. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. Pat yourself if no one else does for at least trying. Everyday is the first day of your life. Ignite the hope every morning and someday we are all going to achieve our perfection.

We were not able to open our eyes today morning. Climate was so good. Somehow my husband woke up at around 6:20 am and I followed him after around 10 minutes. I walked like a dead body towards bathroom to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth and cleaning my brush with water I thought I need a new brush and then suddenly I realized that it was not my brush. I brushed my teeth with my husband’s tooth brush. This was my first time. Before when I heard these kinds of stories I used to laugh so bad on those people and wondered how they couldn’t identify their own brush. Now I’ve done the same. 

Then I thought I would inform my husband about it and ask him to use a new one but I forgot about it completely after coming out from the washroom and went straight into the kitchen to make tea for us. While having tea suddenly it came back to me but the damaged was already done. My husband had already brushed his teeth with that brush. Still I informed him what I’ve done. Once he had done the same thing and I made fun of him. Therefore, he replied, “see I am such a good man, I am not saying anything to you for doing this.” So this way our day started with a funny incident and smile on my face. 

I am thankful to God for giving me this small happy moment to write about. I am learning to live in present and collecting small moments from my life. Whenever I will look back in future, A piece of SHE…would remind me through these articles how I really LIVED few moments of my life. I am done with this article and now I am going to call my mother and would broadcast my stupidity on social networking sites.  I would imagine their laughing faces (some of my friends would call me to curse me, I love them for doing that) and sound of their laugh would make my day. And the day I stop laughing at my own stupidity, will be the day when I would cease living. 



  1. Do you know how romantic is this? E L James describes the sharing of toothbrush between couples very beautifully in her international best seller 'Fifty shades of Grey'

    1. Hahaha....Yes, I remember that. I am actually not fan of Fifty shades series. I didn't find romance in her writing. It was like watching an adult movie. I couldn't even finish it.Thanks for reading my post and enjoying it :)

    2. Oh! I've to reread it. No, better idea is to write a review on my blog. It is purely about love --- a transforming love. It is about rebirth of a man out of love. It may be taken as self-help book. It is based on Freud theory of childhood repression. Bring your courage & patience back to read it, you won't be disappointed in the end. It's writing style is not provocative. I think you haven't read adult content yet. Anyway, you can skip those sections. :)