Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Good And Not So Good Side Of Great Britain

Now that we have completed more than 6 months in UK, I felt that finally I am eligible to write my opinion about my stay here in one of the town of England. Last few months was like roller costar ride for me. One moment I was having amazing time with my friends in various southern parts of India and next moment I rejected a great job offer and jumped into plane with my hubby for a new home. And all that happened in just 1 day. 

The flight journey from India to Heathrow was emotional as well exciting . Emotional because we knew we won’t see our loved ones for a long time. This had never happened before to me. I had two options, to be miserable about it for rest of the months or to be happy with what I have. I had chosen the later, holding them always closed to my heart. A part of me will be forever there, no matter where I am.

Anyways, coming back to our journey, it was exciting too as we caught our connecting flight in 20 minutes. We ran like we were Usan Bolt almost shoving and pushing away poor passengers on the way. When we saw the security line we gave up the chances of reaching Heathrow that day but God only knows how we made it. If that wasn’t enough then we got Hollywood style welcome as soon as our plane landed at Heathrow.

Passengers were asked to remain seated and not to move an inch until allowed. Though my dear hubby assured that it was just a regular announcement just to maintain the order, but it sounded threatening to my ears. I was super excited to witness the drama which was going to unfold before me. Heathrow didn’t disappoint me there and soon we saw 2 real MET polices with real gun searching for a particular man. And the man was just seating 1 row before us. He was taken away by the police and we were scrutinized by many eyes of London cops as we marched towards immigration cue. Immigration was hassle free and took less than 2 minutes which I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t actually know what to expect as it was my first international flight.

After all this process when my husband’s office informed us that “Jesus” (Our driver’s name) will be waiting for us outside the airport, we knew that we will have a pleasant stay because Jesus Himself came to take us to our destination. He was a man with positive vibes and kind smile pasted on his face.

As soon as our car rolled into our destination my husband observed that it is small town that will be our home for some time. I don’t know why I couldn’t believe that something like town can exist in this country. I thought where I live in India which are actually metropolitan cities would be like town to people here. But I was wrong. So now I will write down about the things I like and didn’t like, expected or didn’t expect about UK.

I will start with the good things first.

Good things…

1)  I learned to study cloud and know the importance of sun. Sky gazing gives me immense happiness. I was so thrilled to see the sun shining at 9pm and painting the sky pink before saying good bye.
2)  I learned that no matter how old you’re, you can enjoy life. Old people are real inspiration. They’re not dependent on anyone and quite happy with what they’ve. Of course, they have problems too just like everyone but they do not blame their age for that. This is one of the important lesson that I’ll be taking back home.
3)  Everything is so well organized here.
4)  People are honest in their work field.
5)  Love fish & chips – national dish of Britain and pub foods specially burgers.
6)  I love the fact that most people here are dog lovers and dogs are almost treated like human. They can go to most of the places with their human family and always showcase their best behavior in public places.
7)  Learned to say “thank you” & “sorry” more often.
8)  I am madly in love with the library here. Being a book lover, I will miss library when I go back. We have everything in India but not library like this.
9)  Don’t have to wait here for hours in cues to get something done.
10)              Wonderful public parks. I love the greenery and sound of birds singing.

Not so good things:-

1)  I feel scared of drunken people or drug addicts on streets.
2)  I get this feeling sometimes that local people don’t like us just because we’re Asian.
3)  There is only one small shopping mall, one multiplex and few shopping option in town center. The town shuts down completely by 6 pm except very few shops like Morrison or Tesco.
4)  No buses on Sundays.
5)  I also feel that job opportunities are less here but I am not sure about that.
6)  Getting accommodation here is nightmare.

Well, that’s all for today! But no matter what, I am going to remember these days always. 

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