Monday, 16 November 2015

World Is Crying For Paris

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Instead of killing innocent people and building hatred all around the world, if they build hospitals for poor, give foods to homeless, education to children, equality to women, expose truth to public then they will get even without asking - "the power to rule the world". That's what they are after - "Power". It has nothing to do with Religion. Because there is only one Quran with the same message for love and peace for everyone. Then how they are getting the wrong message? Please rather than spending your money to kill, use it to nurture a life.

To the families of departed Angels - You did nothing to deserve this pain for lifetime. People will move on after sometime. Its not their fault, that's human nature. Eiffel tower and Paris would remain symbol of love no matter what but the horror and pain of Friday 13, 2015 will live with you forever. Though I've no words to ease your pain but I pray to God that May time flies for you because it is said that time heals everything. 

To the departed Angels - You didn't get the last chance to let your loved ones know that how much you love them. Know that they know it. They can hear your last whisper of love and care even without you getting chance to say it aloud to them. Rest In Peace. World is crying for you. Hope you're in better and beautiful place than earth.  

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