Monday, 23 December 2013

One - Liners !

I love reading quotes. I can spend hours reading quotes on various sites. I even have a page in facebook called "Idle Words" where I share quotations by famous people.And I am thinking of opening a new website also in 2014. Sometimes It inspire me to write my own. So After a long time came up with few one liners below:

  • If you are good to me  then I am also good to you. But If you are bad to me , I would simply IGNORE your EXISTENCE.

  • Marriage is an institute where you learn the ACT OF BALANCING. Imbalances may cause accident (broken marriage).

  • Keep Judging me. Meanwhile, I live my life.

  • I don't want to fit into your definition of PERFECTION. 

  • People love me as long as I say "YES". The moment I say "NO", I am worst than a murderer for them.

  • You are YOU. Always be a mentally independent person.  

Wish You & Your Family Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year !


  1. These are all wonderful. A tribute to your own independent spirit. I especially liked:

    "Keep judging me. Meanwhile, I live my life."

    "People love me as long as I say "YES." The moment I say "NO," I am worse than a murderer."