Sunday, 1 June 2014

Surprise Guest !

I and my husband sit in the verandah with a cup of ginger tea every morning. Most of the time we sit quietly and we try to absorb the peace from those silent moments. You know the best moments are those when you don’t need to use words either of happiness or sadness. Those moments shows the calmness inside our heart. Yesterday also we both were at the verandah, sipping tea from our cups when suddenly my husband noticed a human like hands hanging from the iron rods in our adjacent verandah. He didn’t say anything what it was, feared that I might start screaming. He just said to me,”go inside”. And fortunately I behaved intelligently and obeyed to him without asking anything. As soon as we went inside our house he had immediately closed the sliding door of our Balcony.  I thought it might be some bird or may be security person from our complex is spraying something to kill mosquitoes or honeybee which might be harmful for our health if we inhale that.

After that my husband was looking outside from the closed window. He asked me to  remain quiet and look outside and I found a big monkey hanging in our verandah. It was hard to believe but it was right there in front of us. He came alone and all other society people were unaware of his presence  in our complex. Our place is surrounded with buildings and there isn’t any forest nearby, I wondered from where this monkey came from to pay visit to us in our 2nd floor flat. 

He then moved into our first balcony where we were sitting before with our tea cups and peaceful mind. Little bit fear I had disappeared. We could see him properly now. We were separated by a transparent glass door. I asked my husband to quickly find his camera to click the pictures of our royal guest. He went inside to do the same. Meanwhile, I and our royal guest were gazing at each other as if we were trying to understand each other. Minutes felt like hours and I looked behind to find out where my husband was and again looked in the monkey’s direction and he was gone. Just like that.  

I felt bit sad. I wanted to spend some more time with him. Just his presence was enough. I just wanted to observe his activities and later if I could gather some courage, I wanted to feed him. He just completely disappeared. We looked for him in other flats from our flat balcony but he was gone. God knows from where it had come and where it has gone!

This reminds me of another similar incident that had happened with us in March of this year. My family members came to stay with us for few days. We live in a three room rented flat and with each room there is huge attached balcony. Once my elder sister was inside in one of our room. She was taking out her clothes from the wardrobe and from the corner of her eyes she thought that a black creature was sitting beside the wardrobe, watching her. Her heart almost stopped and somehow she gathered the courage to look in that direction to find out what it was. She saw a little black pigeon sitting there.  

She is very fond of birds or any pet actually. Her fear disappeared and she took that bird into her hand to love it. she noticed that the  bird was injured. It seemed to us that an eagle tried to killed the bird and it was a baby bird and haven’t yet learned flying. So it somehow saved itself from the eagle’s attack and was hiding in our room. It was very scared. The baby bird didn’t even know how to eat. The bird stayed with us under our bed that day. We gave it water and food but the bird couldn’t eat it. 

We didn’t know what to do with it next day. We had planned a road trip and we were starting early in the morning. We were thinking if we free him then the eagle might again try to attack him and he hadn’t learned flying yet. So the bird wouldn’t be able to protect itself. We didn’t like to lock in our house but we had no other option. So we had kept enough food and water for it before leaving. We left at 6 am and came back at around 11:30 pm. We were dead tired. As soon as we entered the room, we started looking for the bird. We couldn’t find the bird. We were shocked and surprised  because all the doors and windows were closed then we wondered where it might go. Then one of us look above and we found the bird sitting at the top of the wardrobe. Then the bird started flying here and there. We were happy to know that at last, the bird is ready to spread it wings and conquer the world!

Often after my husband leave for office and I sit with a book in the balcony a black pigeon come to greet me. We look at each other for few minutes and then the bird fly away. I wonder if it is the same bird that was hiding in our house. The bird seems to understand my question but it seems that the bird is in no hurry to reveal its identity. And I have no way to know that for sure. The bird just wants to be there for few minutes for me everyday silently and lovingly. And I am grateful to the few moments of its innocent presence in my life.

So you see unexpected cute visitors often pay visit to us! Do you have any such experience of unexpected visitor in your house? Please share your story with us :)



  1. What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed it! I felt I was sitting out on the verandah with you and your husband. I always get very happy and excited when I run unexpectedly across some wild creature. This weekend when I was out on a walk, a fox ran almost right in front of me across the path I was on, and then darted back into the woods. I had never seen one that up close before. I felt so privileged and blessed.

  2. This was a good story.i was Into it! I love how you and your husband sit out and have tea together every morning! Btw thanks for sharing your input on the Dark Girls documentary. .it's sad that women in your country are going through the same things.